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Waitstaff 6am-1:30pm
Title:Waitstaff 6am-1:30pm
Job Category:N/A
Health Care:Dining Room Server

Hours for this position are from 6am-1:30pm

Provides high quality, friendly service to residents and guests of Sun Valley Lodge at scheduled meals and special events.  Maintains the dining and food service areas in a neat, clean, safe and sanitary manner.  Assures that food and beverages served to residents are healthful and of good quality, and that all residents who are on restricted or prescribed diets receive foods and beverages which conform to their dietary needs.
  1. Serves meals, foods and beverages in the main dining room in accordance with the Waiter/Waitress sequence of service guidelines.
  2. Prepares and portions foods and beverages in accordance with written specifications and oral instruction, assuring maximization of food quality and nutritive value.
  3. Wash, prep and/or prepare daily garnish, condiments, fresh fruits, breads and ice cream
  4. In Health Care dining rooms, makes up meal trays for residents in accordance with the daily menu, the modified diet menus and resident's diet card instructions following diet modifications of CCD, NAS, puree and mechanical foods.
  5. Learns and uses safe food handling practices and sanitary methods to protect the health of the residents and employees. Knowledge of allergy awareness and foodborne illness.
  6. Maintains the appearance of the skylight area for marketing, guests and residents.
  7. Document and maintain checklist of proper sanitizer PPM levels. Report problems to supervisor.
  8. Adheres to specified work safety practices.
  9. Exhibits a cheerful and friendly manner toward all residents, guests and co-workers.
  10. Serve breakfast items stated by modified spreadsheet and production sheet.
  11. Provides customer service and assists residents and guests as needed in the dining room areas.
  12. Clears and resets tables, maintains the dining room and service areas in a clean, neat and sanitary manner at all times.
  13. Serves foods and beverages at special functions, private parties and other catered events on Sun Valley Lodge premises.
  14. Helps in the kitchen, dish room and other foodservice areas as required by the manager on duty.
  15. Performs set-up and clean-up duties as assigned
  16. Vacuum dining room and other venus as needed
  17. Maintain coffee & hydration stations for guests and residents
  18. Utilized wet floor signs when needed
  19. Follow proper lifting & bending techniques
  20. Follow posted work & break schedule schedules.
  21. Maintain & follow daily, weekly & monthly master cleaning check lists.
  22. Follow proper use of PPE’S for chemical usage.
  23. Rotate table stocks as needed to ensure quality and adherence to expiration dates
  24. Sort silverware and follow chair cleaning and sanitation.
  25. Empty linen baskets to proper outside storage bin
  26. Follow opening & closing job tasks as posted & updated by supervisors, including stocking par level items.
  27. Set up, clean and stock employee break room and salad bar area. Monitor temperatures and report problems to supervisor.
  28. Attend Showtime, HATS and dietician in-service training monthly.
  29. Complete trip reduction and/or HR forms sent out to be completed and turned in.
  30. Consistently follow HACCP guidelines.
  31. Label and dating to follow Federal, state and county code.
  32. Understand and utilize dietary restrictions color coding system.
  33. Maintain uniform adherence according to department P&P, employee handbook and food handlers’ handbook.
  34. Follow proper glove usage and hair restraint according to county and state codes.
  35. English is our chosen business language.  Therefore, the ability to read, write, speak and understand English is essential.
  36. Perform other duties as assigned.
    Ability to follow oral directions. Must be minimum of 16 years of age.
    Is free of any contagious illnesses that may be transmitted through food or beverage substances as listed annually by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services; must show no signs of Tuberculosis, or other ailments prohibited by law in health care workers, as evidenced by annual testing and physical examinations.
    Must exhibit qualities of patience, concern for the needs of the elderly, and a positive attitude toward interactions with residents and employees of Sun Valley Lodge.  Must acquire a Food Handler's certification from Maricopa County health department within 10 days of hire.  Previous experience as a waitperson or experience with geriatric nutrition is desirable.
    This is a job requiring medium physical strength.  The employee must be able to stand and walk continuously for the duration of the shift.  To lift 25 pounds overhead and from floor to waist level.  To reach and lift light objects from overhead.  To bend and crouch and to push forward and pull backward weight of 100+ pounds.  Must have manual dexterity of both hands for carrying and balancing, with full digital dexterity of at least one hand for writing and small object manipulation.  This job requires continuous audio and visual communication, with clear (can be corrected) eyesight for a distance of 100 feet, clear diction and enunciation of words.  This job requires sufficient mental functioning to understand directions (written and oral), to reason, and the use of short term and long term memory skills.

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